Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sri Lankan Swallow / Martin : Babies

Swallows are common sight in a raining sky. Usually they fly up to very high altitudes with flocks and enjoy the rain. I'm lucky enough to have a swallow nest in my home which is located in Peradeniya ,Kandy. What i doubt is this particular species nested in our home is a House Martin or not. Martins and swallows both categorized under the Hirundinidae family. I searched all over the internet and couldn't find a bird that similar to the ones nested in my home. It's coloration is very similar to House Martin and Tree swallow but their belly feathers are black unlike the house martin.

These birds can fly very fast almost like a fighter jet they fly and take accurate curves. They like dark places to nest up, specially corners of the wall and roof sealing. Many swallows build their nests with mud sticked to the sealings and walls. They use their saliva as a component to make the mud and sticks, feathers to stick so strong to each other well. in our case ,they never used mud but leaf litter and all kinds of small sticks. it's quite hard and unbreakable for our natural force. That proofs how wonderful their saliva can work as a glue. Here are pictures of the nest in our home.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Micromax Canvas 4 : Re-Branding Can Be Endless

Micromax has finally announced their flagship device A 210 Canvas 4 which is expected to compete with some high end smartphones in the market. First of all ,i have to say i'm totally disappointed by what Micromax did even though i'm not a Micromax user. it's been few weeks they started to tease the device with two videos and it turned out to be a familiar looking device in that teaser. when my buddy Timix from India (owner of has find out that, it's quite similar to the BLU Life One smartphone , we came up with the doubt Micromax gonna re brand this particular handset and sell as Canvas 4. And our doubt came to reality today which is so sad.. Ggggggrrrr !

Seriously !!! this is not what people want. and i wonder why people pre order the device even without knowing the official specifications. nearly 4000 people has been pre orderd the canvas 4 within 7 hours. It's a flagship device so people expect something more than it's predecessor Canvas HD and today they got quite similar device with minor improvements and as a result people are cancelling their pre-booking. Check the comments in official Micromax page in Facebook if you think i'm a liar.