Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Micromax Canvas 4 : Re-Branding Can Be Endless

Micromax has finally announced their flagship device A 210 Canvas 4 which is expected to compete with some high end smartphones in the market. First of all ,i have to say i'm totally disappointed by what Micromax did even though i'm not a Micromax user. it's been few weeks they started to tease the device with two videos and it turned out to be a familiar looking device in that teaser. when my buddy Timix from India (owner of Arynds.com) has find out that, it's quite similar to the BLU Life One smartphone , we came up with the doubt Micromax gonna re brand this particular handset and sell as Canvas 4. And our doubt came to reality today which is so sad.. Ggggggrrrr !

Seriously !!! this is not what people want. and i wonder why people pre order the device even without knowing the official specifications. nearly 4000 people has been pre orderd the canvas 4 within 7 hours. It's a flagship device so people expect something more than it's predecessor Canvas HD and today they got quite similar device with minor improvements and as a result people are cancelling their pre-booking. Check the comments in official Micromax page in Facebook if you think i'm a liar.

What are the Expectations?  there were number of rumors saying that Canvas 4 will feature a 1080p screen , 2GB RAM ,2500-3000mAh battery and a 1.5GHz Mideatek Quad Core processor. unfortunately we haven't seen any rumored specs as it's a re-branded phone.

We all know Micromax does offer their mobile phones for a affordable prices and gain a huge popularity among Indian people. I'm not an Indian but at this moment i'm talking like a one. Micromax is their motherlands consumer electronics company , so everyone wants to make it strong and push towards the competitive market to see the country's name gets more famous and it also effects positive to the economy. That's the main reason why people pre book the device without even knowing the specs.They trusted their Company.They were in dream lands,dreaming of a 2GB,1080p phone playing on their hands. personally i know how hard it is to wait for a purchasing a new mobile phone..most of Micromax's customers are those who couldn't afford money for high end, branded phone ,they expect much from their own company, to have a high end phone for a small , reasonable price..saving money for months and finally pre booked and get efed up.

Here's the comparison of the both Canvas 4 and BLU Life One

Take a good look. The sensors, aluminium frame, 8.9mm thickness, front facing cam, rear cam, flasher, speaker grills and all are same except Canvas 4 doesn't feature those capacitive buttons on Life One. Click here to see the full specs of BLU Life One. So what Micromax did is buy the Life One from BLU and add their own customization's like split screen , eye tracking etc.

What's good about the phone is they have finally added some smart features to the modded Android. And that blow to unlock thing is totally redicilous to me. imagine in a public transportation, you have to blow your phone screen to unlock it  :O :|  that is awkward. Main con of the device i see is the battery. 2000mAh seems decent, but not sure how it performs with new multi tasking features. pop up video plays, browsers and camera modes will effect the battery life. Price is also bit high for these same old hardware,people may go for other alternatives like Gionee Elife E6.

Finally i think and wish Micromax will manufacture their own Canvas 5 without re branding other products as they did already. the new MediaTek Octa Core chip is also ready now, so we can expect a good flagship from them next time. And people please don't pre order products without knowing the specs. I'm Out !

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