Thursday, July 31, 2014

From a Snake's Perspective : Nagzen the Cobra

Hello Humans, let me introduce my self. My name is Nagzen, a male spectacled cobra living in a small termite mound in Sri Lanka. since i'm a lone male without a girl friend in my territory i get easily bored, so i decided to tell you guys some of my Experience as a Snake that always came across with you humans.

So , from where should i start? Ok i got it, This happened last week, it was a regular day for me,but i was in a big hunger since it's been few days i shed my skin, it's time for a satisfying meal. As i came out of my home sweet home the abandoned termite mound , my forked tongue suddenly sensed something tasty, i flicked my tongue more to get a accurate taste. It's a medium size rat, one of my favorite foods. Then i began my hunt for the delicious rodent. i kept going after the trail and found out it's inside a human habitation, well that sucks! the word "Human" brings horror to my mind. but i have no choice but enter the home in search of my food.. i was so close to my lunch as i silently slither on floor, but what's this? a tiled floor, the worst place to go through. my ventral scales can't do the duty well if i'm on these smooth shiny floor tiles. Things became more worse as the woman in home saw me. she was kinda shocked and started to scream out loud, i'm so glad i don't have external ears , otherwise i might get a ear drum bleeding by that woman's scream. Her husband responded to her quickly and came with a broom in his hand, Oh oooo ! that broom is not a good sign, better get out of here! , but these Damn smooth floor tiles made me look hilarious as i kept slithering on same place, now i have no choice but to defend my self.

I raised my head ,spread my ribs to make a perfect hood. i kept watching their movements and gave a good hiss, That time i realized these humans wont give a damn thing about my warnings, i kept spreading my hood so i can appear as big as i can. the two dots in my hood are mimicking eyes. But these humans didn't fall for it. I really don't wanna harm them but if they do harm me, they left me no choice. Fortunately these humans respect me for some religious and mythical believes. maybe that's why the woman told her husband not to kill me. Me and my relatives are somewhat under conservation thanks to these mythical believes. Now they are calling to someone , i know i cant move or that man will beat me with that broom so i kept trust in my instincts and be in the hooded posture. After few mins a young guy came to the place and made his around clear, finally i felt i will be rescued by this young fellow.

As i expected he came towards me and tried to catch me, well that's odd, didn't he know that he should use a proper snake handling equipment to handle me, specially a venomous snake like me. I felt he didn't give me the respect i deserve. Maybe he has no idea how my powerful venom will make him suffer. My venom  primarily contains neurotoxins, if explained more, post synaptic neurotoxins, the venom acts in synaptic gaps of the victims brain and make him/it paralyze and cytotoxic compounds cause tissue necrosis. Again i was in a trouble, this kid caught my tail and picked me up. didn't he know my tail is not a prehensile one? I had to hold my whole weight as nothing is supporting my weight from middle part. only thing i wished is he will relocate me soon. Now what? i Think he's posing for a photo session, yes he is, That was so annoying as i have to be as he want , i tried to shake my body and jump off but his grip was too tight. what he did next is try to provoke me to get my hooded posture, i did it again, spread my hood and i kept watching him. Then he took few more shots of me, i knew those pictures will posted on Social media so the lad can get likes and heroism, In bright side my pictures will be famous all over the world, so  that's something to be happy about SSSSsssss. Suddenly his eyes moved away from me and i got a nice chance to bit his arm, he was so lucky we Cobras use our venom in a last resort. i remember some of my relatives gave good bites to those so called snake rescuers after they pose with them for stunts and showmanship ending up their lives but i decided not to do so.

After a long Photo shoot he put me in side a small bag i can barely squeeze my body in and took me somewhere else.,I can sense the vibrations of his foot but i can't see a thing. After few minutes he released me to a place i have never seen before. I flicked my tongue to air trying to get an idea in what kind of an environment i'm relocated. Surprisingly i sense scent particles that i have never sensed before, Mr.rescuer guy dumped me in an alien world. I escaped quickly from his presence afraid of another annoying photo shoot, so that's it what he did is introducing a new predator to a balanced echo system, with me in the food chain of that area, things will unbalance with the echo system. I missed my good old home and food sources around me. I hope these snake rescuers will learn to relocate snakes near to their natural habitat where they rescued them.

How nice, seems there are no other male cobras owning the new territory, i can roam as i like but i  remembered there is something i should fulfilled, a life goal. There is a religious festival in India called "Nagpanchami" where snakes, specially cobras gets worshiped and well fed, that's like heaven. today is 1st of August , the day of Nagpanchami. i must hurry to India as soon as possible to get worshiped by these humans. yes, that's what all missing for me. Imagine is there anything else more awesome than getting worshiped by the most advanced animal species in the world? Naaaah ! count on me human readers, i will comeback from Nagpanchami and tell you how i got worshiped and about the luxurious life i spent.

So before i go i have few things i should explain to you humans,

1) Don't be panic and make a drama when see me or any other snake, i enter your habitation in search of food, my primary food source is rodents. Rodents love to be with you guys as you don't care about the surrounding, dumping garbage around, trowing wasted food ,etc makes them home in your place.

2) If you cant identify me whether i'm a venomous one or a non venomous one, please call someone with good knowledge about snakes to ID me, it's good if he can handle me with proper snake handling equipment rather than with bare hands.

3) Don't try to touch my hood, kiss my head, tried to coil me around your neck or any other unnecessary stunts and showmanship for the sake of your life value. many human snake rescuers lost their life after trying these things.

4) Put me in a big bag(ventilation enabled) or in a reasonable size plastic box with small vent holes, so i can relax and keep calm till you release me

5) Always relocate me to a natural habitat near to the place you have found/rescued me. The balanced echo system will be unbalanced if released me to a new habitat.

6) Don't kill me if you want to survive. I feed on your pests and my venom is used to make varies medicine that saves your and your loved ones lives. If i coexists with you humans we all can live in harmony

For reference please visit this article written by Priyanka Kadam, a true snake lover where she explained how snake rescuers became victims of venomous snakes for their recklessness (pictures of the victims are attached)
Click here to read "Fatal attraction:Rescuers to victims of recklessness by Priyanka Kadam"

Bye for now ! SSSSsssssss!

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