Thursday, July 31, 2014

From a Snake's Perspective : Nagzen the Cobra

Hello Humans, let me introduce my self. My name is Nagzen, a male spectacled cobra living in a small termite mound in Sri Lanka. since i'm a lone male without a girl friend in my territory i get easily bored, so i decided to tell you guys some of my Experience as a Snake that always came across with you humans.

So , from where should i start? Ok i got it, This happened last week, it was a regular day for me,but i was in a big hunger since it's been few days i shed my skin, it's time for a satisfying meal. As i came out of my home sweet home the abandoned termite mound , my forked tongue suddenly sensed something tasty, i flicked my tongue more to get a accurate taste. It's a medium size rat, one of my favorite foods. Then i began my hunt for the delicious rodent. i kept going after the trail and found out it's inside a human habitation, well that sucks! the word "Human" brings horror to my mind. but i have no choice but enter the home in search of my food.. i was so close to my lunch as i silently slither on floor, but what's this? a tiled floor, the worst place to go through. my ventral scales can't do the duty well if i'm on these smooth shiny floor tiles. Things became more worse as the woman in home saw me. she was kinda shocked and started to scream out loud, i'm so glad i don't have external ears , otherwise i might get a ear drum bleeding by that woman's scream. Her husband responded to her quickly and came with a broom in his hand, Oh oooo ! that broom is not a good sign, better get out of here! , but these Damn smooth floor tiles made me look hilarious as i kept slithering on same place, now i have no choice but to defend my self.